Atlanta Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our personal bankruptcy attorneys understand that declaring personal bankruptcy can be a difficult decision. But if bills continue to pile up and relentless debt collectors keep harassing you, it may be time to take action. We have helped clients in situations just like yours, and our personal bankruptcy attorneys can put an immediate stop to all of your creditors’ attempts to collect.

Benefits of Declaring Personal Bankruptcy

More and more people throughout Georgia and all over the United States are turning to bankruptcy for help getting back on the right track financially. Filing bankruptcy no longer carries a negative stigma, and provides a quick, streamlined process to discharge or reorganize your debt.

The Alleyne Law Firm has been helping individuals and families for years. We will determine whether filing bankruptcy is the right option for you. For many, bankruptcy provides a necessary financial fresh start and ends the constant stress and harassment that accompanies overwhelming debt.

Bankruptcy Will Give You A Financial “Fresh Start”.

Filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy will discharge most of your debt. Filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy will help reorganize your debts by creating a repayment plan. Both types of bankruptcy have significant advantages and both will help you move forward financially. Once your debt is either wiped out completely, or put on a repayment plan, you can take control of your income and take the first step toward a financial fresh start, including rebuilding your credit. Continuing on the downward spiral of debt accumulation, without being able to repay the debt, only impedes your ability to move forward financially.

Bankruptcy Stops Collections and Creditor Harassment

Once you file bankruptcy, creditors may no longer contact you. Filing Bankruptcy creates an automatic stay and ends all repossessions, foreclosure proceedings and prohibits creditors from calling you, mailing you or contacting you in any way. Creditors who continue to call or harass you may be subject to fines and sanctions.

Filing Bankruptcy Gives You Peace of Mind

Money troubles are one of the top causes of stress. Worrying about making payments, receiving harassing phone calls and wondering if you’ll lose your home or car can be overwhelming. Filing bankruptcy puts an immediate stop to phone calls and collection activities. Once you’ve taken the first step to filing bankruptcy, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing that you have taken control and will soon have a better quality of life.

Contact Our Personal Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our personal bankruptcy attorneys understand that filing for bankruptcy can be stressful and confusing. However, when you learn about personal bankruptcy rules and how to declare personal bankruptcy, you’ll find the process is much less overwhelming than expected. Call us for assistance with filing for personal bankruptcy.