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As you are beginning to figure out what to do with you assets, you may be wondering what is a testamentary trust. The most accurate testamentary trust definition involves a will or financial trust that takes affect when the creator dies. A testamentary trust lawyer will explain the intricacies of setting up this type of trust. You may have to protect the future of a boat, car, or artwork that you don’t want the government to seize. This is why it is important that you hire a testamentary trust attorney today.

What is a Testamentary Trust?

The testamentary trust is a financial trust that only begins after the trust maker passes away. Testamentary trusts are legally binding, so it is vital that you appoint a testamentary trustee that will follow through with your wishes. At our law offices, you will find a testamentary trust lawyer who understands how you can tailor your will to make the biggest difference for your family. Make sure that your testamentary trust attorney understands how the probate court oversees the process, and how to avoid potential litigation. If you want to find a legal guide and advocate who can explain what is a testamentary trust, then make sure to contact us today.

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As you start to go over your end-of-life finances, you will need to understand what is a testamentary trust. The testamentary trust lawyers in our law firm have a clear understanding of the testamentary trust definition and will use it to protect your family’s future. We have skilled testamentary trust attorneys who provide clients with top quality legal representation during this important financial decision. Call us.