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Creditors will seek debt repayment to see that your wages are garnished. If wage garnishment has begun, creditors have secured an order letting them take money from your paycheck. This often leaves people feeling embarrassed, as employers will be told of the wage garnishment in order for the wages to be collected. If collectors have already begun garnishing your wages or you are facing the potential garnishment of your paycheck, our wage garnishment attorneys will explain how wage garnishment works and help you understand how we may stop it from happening through bankruptcy.

Wage Garnishment Laws & How To Stop Wage Garnishment

Filing for bankruptcy will normally trigger a federal court order called an "automatic stay" that prohibits collections against you or your property. Wage garnishment refers to paycheck deductions to pay old debts.  This includes credit card debt, payday loans, back taxes, student loans and back child support. However, wage garnishment laws stipulate that bankruptcy will not remove current obligations like ongoing child support.

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