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When utilizing the services of an attorney, you should never feel confused by legal jargon or procedures. We know it is important for our clients to understand the process of their legal matter, both in bankruptcy and estate planning, and will always take time to answer your questions so you know your options. Our firm has helped hundreds of individuals, families, and families throughout the Atlanta metro area.
After helping hundreds of clients and discharging millions of dollars in debt, The Alleyne Law Firm has the background to explain your alternatives and suggest a solution to your financial difficulties. Make sure that any attorney you speak with practices primarily in bankruptcy. That is because Bankruptcy law is complex, when you file bankruptcy, you need a bankruptcy law firm that deals with these issues on a daily basis. 
Careful legal planning is also the most vital step an individual or business can take to protect assets and pass them on as desired. An array of complex legal rules, potential liabilities (including taxes and long-term medical expenses), and even litigation can destroy hard-won financial accomplishments. The Alleyne Law Firm is dedicated to helping our clients determine the best way to transfer their assets in the exact manner they desire through proper estate planning.
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