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Overwhelming credit card debt, creditor harassment, and the threat of repossession affects every aspect of your life. Debt collectors often can employ illegal means to collect the debt they claim you owe, attempting to scare you into paying your debt quickly. Even if you are behind on your payments and owe a debt, you still have legal debtors rights that all collectors must respect. As your debtor attorney, we will safeguard you from harassment and illegal practices, providing you legal debtor protection. Our debtor rights attorneys hold debt collectors accountable for their behaviors.

Debtors Rights & Debtor Creditor Law

Collection agencies must abide by the Debtor Creditor Law’s Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). According debtor law and debtors rights, collection agencies cannot abuse or harass debtors when recovering debts for their clients.

FDCPA guidelines for Creditors:

  • Debtors shall be notified they have 30 days to dispute the validity of the debt
  • Creditors are not able to repeatedly telephone and send demand letters for payment to debtors
  • Creditors must only say they are calling about important business matters
  • Phone calls answered by someone other than the debtor cannot mention information about debt
  • Letters must be in envelopes that do not mention a collection agency

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Our debtor attorneys provide counsel to businesses and individuals needing help resolving financial difficulties. Our debtor attorneys strive to protect debtors rights by understanding how to legally protect our clients, making sure all rights are upheld when dealing with creditors.

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